Friday, August 28, 2015

An Empty Bed

He didn't come home that night. 
His bed was empty. 
Last night she didn't come home. 
Her bed was empty. 
It's been 25 months since I have seen that
 red headed boy of mine. 
2 years and 1 month. 
And how my heart still aches. 

Somehow times marches on. 

In some ways I am stuck. 
And will always be. 
On July, 28, 2013. 
A piece of my heart that remains, there. 

She, on the other hand. 
Has flown the nest. 
Spreading her wings. 

We moved her into her dorm room. 

So much ahead of her. 
But, that. 
Is what we call success. 

That red head has graduated too. 
To the place we all long to be. 

The place for which we were created. 

Her journey; more elevated. 

These are the things I ponder. 
On which my mind ruminates. 

The new path is begun. 
I'm filling this day with many things that need to be done. 
I am choosing to trust. 
I can feel the prayers of people. 
Moments of despair pass over me. 
Yet I am pulled to that place of peace. 

Heaven is our forever home. 
Earth our temporary one. 

I am going to eat lots of ice cream. 
Because ice cream makes everything better. 

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