Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Morning After

It's the morning after. . .

The quiet echos.

I walk out to see the sunrise. 

I went barefoot because I needed to feel something.
 The coolness of the grass on my feet was relief.


Here is where everything I have ever known has forever been altered. 
I will not set 7 plates at the table. . .
But I will turn and know that my redeemer lives. 
And I will lift my hands to the songs of praise that are etched in my heart of years of singing.
 And will I trust each step of the way. Each moment.

And we know we are supported.
Messages arrive from many places . . 
This is what it is to be loved. . .

There is joyous Hope. 

And as we journey through this,
 we invite you to pray with us. 
Pray that we use this for God's glory. 
For wisdom and grace.
And Peace.


  1. An absolutely beautiful song, Tammy. Thank you for sharing. I love you so much <3 Here for you always & forever...
    Love always, Dena

  2. Yesterday I did a favor - I brought a friend's family to Elijah's life celebration. I do not know your family at all and felt strange being there. A conversation in my head began "you have no right to be here - this is not a circus - this is private time with family. You are NOT family. You have to leave because you are taking space that belongs to someone else". As I pressed into that conversation another voice piped up. "Hold on - you have every RIGHT to be here. You ARE family. Elijah is my son and you are my daughter! If you leave now there will be a void of eternal family. Stay put - you are required to be here!" I stayed - prayed and was humbled by the difference one family has made.

    As an outsider looking in - I was shown the mercy of the Almighty God on your family. I was shown grace in the time of desperate need. I was shown beauty in the loss. I saw great courage and great faith. I saw humility in salt of the earth people. I saw in your deep loss peace beyond all understanding. I saw hands reaching to heaven for the help they will never receive here on earth. I witnessed a family who talked the talk and is walking the walk.

    I have suffered great loss in the past 2 years - 2 horrific cancer deaths within 6 months of each other and know this pain you feel. Your ability as husband and wife to stand at that podium was by God's grace alone. The moment you both stood - a sound blasted through my head like a trumpet. The visual of the two of you together and the peace on your faces was something I will never forget. Although the storm was ever present - you could truly see that Jesus was there in the midst. I now know I can go on.

    When the Pastor asked for every head down and every eye closed - I chose to look around and witness the testimony of your son's life. The altar call came forth and I counted 9 hidden hands. There were a few very obvious raised hands - but I saw the hands that were at pew level. There has been an earthly loss - but 9 new lives for kingdom gain.

    Please know that there are warriors in the shadows - fighting for peace and relief on your family. Know that Elijah is a name that will be shouted from the rooftops for a very long time. Please know that the Davis Family's testimony will be shared among many.

    I personally will NEVER understand - yet this day my faith has ever been increased by the example you have set forward. How grateful I am to have been allowed a glimpse of what true faith really is. Blessings

  3. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. God Bless you all, but especially Elijah and his beautiful family.

  4. My family has ties to the Davis Family. My heart and soul goes out to all of you. You are an amazing family with so much love. Stand tall and be proud God will carry you through the days ahead. Elijah will take care of all of you.

  5. Absolutely lovely

  6. Add 6-7 hands in the air downstairs for the Kingdom!

  7. Absolutley an amazing family. The love for one another is over flowing. God will carry the Davis Family during this very diffcult time. The community has open arms please don not hestitate to reach out for help. We all love you more than you will ever know.
    God Bless All of you!

  8. The sunrise was a beautiful, fiery color this morning, and I immediately thought of Elijah. May you find peace in your world today, Tammy. <3