Monday, July 15, 2013

My Happy Place

This. . .is my Happy Place. 
This is where my husband and children like me to be.
In a Happy Place.

I share my space with everyone. But sometimes I like it alone
Getting away from the farm hasn't always been easy. We have been blessed with seasons where we can. But mostly getting away has not been an option. So, this became our vacation spot.

We hang a line here for towels.

This is our view looking up. Then at night. . . Words can't express. . .
In the stars His handiwork I see
On the wind He speaks with majesty
Though He ruleth over land and sea
What is that to me? (He's Everything to Me)

There's plenty of space for family. There's a rope swing. There is always a breeze.
It's just my happy place.

See that spot? It's an empty spot
That spot should NOT be empty.
 Do you know what belongs there. . .? 
The camper. 
That's what should be there. The camper is old. The camper had a new roof put on this year (Yay! Harold. Harold can fix anything. . . like my husband. They are good friends. . .Harold is retired. . .so he can fix old, broken things). So there is a roof. But there is no ceiling. . .yet. (Because Harold left. . .He stayed for a month. . .it should have been 2)
Here's Harold working hard. 

He really works hard. . .

We used to be able to walk into the river here. . .waaaaaaay back in June. . .But the rains have changed the course and now this is a jumpy in place. . . I don't like jumpy in places. . . I like to take my time and ease in. . . somehow this has to change. . .so it can still be my really happy place.
Gary says I need to stop sending him pictures of the empty spot. It's stressing him out. I thought I was just reminding him. . . 
I went in the River today. It was 90 degrees out. The water was -2. I am not kidding. I gave a little shout when I went in. The kids said I screamed. I think I gave a little shout.

1 Chronicles 16:31 Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let them say among the nations, "The LORD reigns!"


  1. Oh Tammy, you make me laugh! Even if it's not quite so happy a place these days, by sharing your thoughts, you have brought happiness to me today! And I'm sure it was just a little shout!

  2. Hang onto those happy places............they give us such comfort! Surprised you didn't get frost bite with -2 water. ;)

    Love you!

    -Auntie Donna