Saturday, July 13, 2013

When You're Rear Ended

16 candles. 

There were 16 candles on your cake last night. Each one representing a year of your life. 
Each precious year. 
How quickly those years have gone and how rich and full they have been. 

And I think what do I have to show for those years? 

So much has changed. 3 of those years I dropped you off at daycare everyday.

I missed your first steps

 I never sat in the afternoons and snuggled with you. I remember watching your caregiver enjoy that gift. But time has a way of changing and teaching you.

You don't seemed marred by the mistakes I made.

You're beautiful and fun
Your faith is evident in all you do. 
And I marvel at the way you have rolled with the punches.

On birthday Eve, as we were driving, a car pulled out in front of you. You reacted well and safely. You're a good driver. 
That same car, a 1/2 a mile down the road came to an abrupt halt. . .
but you're a GREAT driver and stopped well before their rear bumper (though secretly I wanted to bump it hard). . .Unfortunately the driver behind you wasn't able to stop. . .and we were 
rear ended 
(that's what I get). 

You were so calm

You pulled over to the side of the road. The poor gentlemen who hit us was struggling to put his car in gear. . .he got out of the car and I noticed he was a USMC vet.
 (Elijah is enlisted in the Marines and leaves for boot camp Sept 2) 
Neither car was harmed. He was so concerned.  I assured him all was good. 
And I thanked him for his service to our country. 
A friend saw us and stopped to make sure we were all ok. And we were. 
And we travelled on. . .And I thanked God for you.

Then on the day of your birthday. . .it all started out so calmly.
 Little did we know the storms that would be brewing. . .Our plans were made. 
A day to celebrate this milestone birthday and get your license. 

Yet every step was a challenge. 

No insurance card. . . yet we just happened to be having lunch right across the street from the insurance agent and Debbie Hamm had come to lunch with us. . .in her own car. . . so she could drive over to the agents office and get new cards. While we headed to the DMV .(because of course we were going to be running late.)

Then, at the license office our van was naughty and the emergency brake froze up just as you were to take your test. 
And you were unable to take the test. . .
until we realized of the 3 students in your time slot. . .you were the last. . .Mrs Hamm had her truck . . .
  so there was still time. 
And you jumped into a truck you had never driven and passed your test. 

Isn't life like that. Curves are thrown in every direction. 
We are rear ended time after time. . .yet, if we take the time to look. . .
we see evidences of God's hand. 

A difficult day. . .turned into a wonderful lesson.
With a wonderful outcome. 



  1. How I love your girl! She is a gift to all who know her! Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you. It is a blessing to watch them grow!