Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I've never had one. I've had a cousin that's been probably about as close as a sister can be. . .but I am sure it's not the same. I have never stayed up late sharing secrets; (whose kidding who, I don't stay up late for anything!) or shared a room (except with my poor college roommates and now my beloved husband) 

But I have watched my 4 daughters. And I love it. The way they giggle and snuggle; tease and play. It is a gift. One I have been privileged to watch. There are 10 years between Clarissa and Chelsea, yet when Chelsea got married it was Clarissa she wanted by her side. Sisters. It's a gift.

And when one sister weeps the other shops. . .and knows just what to get. Besides a giant hug. . .and a shoulder to cry on. . .jewelry to remember by.
It's a gift.

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  1. I will be your sister anytime!! I also never had a sister, or for that matter a brother:)
    I also adore watching my sweet daughters support one another.. They are room mates together. The Brooklyn girls in Brooklyn!!
    Thank you for the beautiful posts. I loved date night. Call me anytime!!! Day or night if you need to talk to someone.. We can all be sisters and I have learned that is what sisters do for each other. My number is still in the book under Brooklyn. Hold your sweetheart tonight!