Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Distracted To What

I think about my earlier post.
I am distracted so easily. 
I really am.
The Lyrics, "TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?" run through my head.
For me. . . it is "DISTRACTED TO WHAT?"
In some ways this is good.
The farming life is unpredictable and spontaneous.
I need to be flexible. . . able to change easily. 
Much of that I do not mind.

But what am I distracted from and what am I distracted to?
Our lives should be interruptible,
 so that God is able to direct our path; yet focused enough to bear fruit.

Live with intent.
With the plan that yields to the Father's will.
We piddle away time with the most trivial tasks.
We focus on vacations and time off, more than serving or giving.
I hear myself saying,
"I can't wait for the weekend."
(Which on the farm is the same as the week. But growing up with that view permeates all)
We have made steps on the farm to provide us with time off.
Yet each time we "have off" it's really not that great.
We don't know what to do with unstructured time.
We end up sleeping.
Or watching obscene amounts of television.
If our work is our worship.
And our work is in response to our gifts, then is it work at all?
Won't our free time look like our work?
Instead of watching TV we would be calling a friend we haven't seen.
Time spent in prayer for the kids and this world.
Writing encouraging notes to someone.
Our life becomes a prayer.
The phrase, I don't have enough time, is forever banished.
Because our time is directed by the father.
So when the vacation comes it is in response to rest.
A time away.

Luke 5:16
But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.

Even Jesus withdrew from the chaos.
From the need and urgent.
But He was interruptible. 
Not distracted. 
We can not neglect the need our souls have for quiet.
The need we have to commune with the Father on a regular basis.
We also can not ignore the fact that at times we need to withdraw.

 For the sake of regenerating.

A time of refreshing.
Where He pours in His Spirit.
To equip and encourage us.
We just need to be available. 
Not distracted.

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