Thursday, March 26, 2015

Learning How To Celebrate

Today we celebrate. 
Though that term looks different these days
We are going to celebrate. 
Last year the celebration hard. 
The effects of chemo and radiation wreaking havoc.
The joy thief taking all. 
So, today we are going to celebrate my farmer. 
We will celebrate his last year in this decade. 
We will step into gratitude as we look back over the past year. 
A year with no chemo or radiation. 
Strength gained each day. 
The joy thief held at bay. 

James 1:2
Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,
 whenever you face trials of many kinds,

I am not able to consider these trials we have been faced with, "pure joy". . .yet.
I do know that there is a purpose and reason. 
I do know that my farmer is here. 

That this day is a gift to celebrate. 

I don't know what that will look like. 
We've all been fighting off colds. 
I've been traveling to be with my brothers
 and helping my dad.
The tyranny of the urgent staking claim. 

So, today, we will pause. 

In the middle of the busyness, we will breathe deep. 
We will celebrate life. 
I won't try to force my agenda. 
I will work with the flow of the day. 
Choosing to see the beauty in each moment, 
Thanking God for my farmer. 

The way he still makes my heart skip a beat. 

The way I marvel at his ability to work no matter what. 

His selfless approach to life. 

He really needs nothing. 
His capacity to love. 

It is never about him. 

He makes do with what he has. 
He sees potential where others see none. 
A forever optimist. 
His altar; all of creation. 

His knees bowed in submission to the Creator of the Universe. 
A man of principle. 
A desire to give out of all he has. 

This day we honor this man. 

My farmer. 

Happy Birthday!

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  1. Happy birthday Gary Davis. What a blessing you are to anyone that comes in arms reach of you. So today I'm praying for blessings of all kinds love, laughter, and peace to be bestowed on you.