Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fragmented to Repurposed

It's broken. 
This beautiful mug. 
It came in a package. 
From Germany. 
With love. 
A college room mate. 
A friend. 
Packed a box full of love. 
It made me laugh and cry. 
A hug from so far away. 
But one mug was broken. 
And it made me sad. 
Until. . . 
I held the fragments in my hands. 
The way I feel. 
Most of the time. 
In pieces. 
The pieces sat on the farm house table. 
Moved from one place to another. 
Until. . . 
Our friend Harold was sitting at the table. 
The engineer in him needed to put the puzzle together. 
He needed to solve the problem. 
Fix it. 
He glued each of those pieces back. 
Painstakingly tedious. 
With a different purpose.
By a master. 

And there it was. 
The broken cup. 

So beautiful. 
The pieces placed together again. 
The broken places visible. 
Not able to hold that hot, steamy liquid I so love. 
As I turned the mug over in my hands. 
It struck me. 


Even the fragments from a broken mug can have a purpose. 
It's use; forever changed. 
Yet, still. 
A purpose. 
Some still unknown. 
A reminder. 
God takes the broken. 

He repurposes. 
He restores. 
Oh how he loves us. 
He will take this broken vessel.
He will take all this hurt and ache. 
He will use it for His glory. 
To bring Honor and glory to His name. 

I will never be the same. 
I am broken. 
I am tired. 
I am weary. 
Our God though. . . 

Psalm 121:4
indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.

He watches over all. 

It's been 27 months, 
on a journey I did not initiate. 
I trip I never planned.
A path I do not like. 
A way I must travel. 

With each breath I have left,
with each step I take. 
I will sing praise. 
I will keep my eyes turned heavenward. 

Psalm 121:1
 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.


  1. Beautifully written. Did you see the sky this morning? It was so pretty and reminded me of the sky the morning of Elijah's home going! Hugs

    1. Yes. I saw the sky. I wanted to take a picture. . . but missed it. I too thought of my beautiful boy. . . .who I miss so much.

    2. Yes. I saw the sky. I wanted to take a picture. . . but missed it. I too thought of my beautiful boy. . . .who I miss so much.

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  3. Hey Davis,
    Very beautiful thoughts..!!
    Thanks for sharing.