Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Each day. 
How to do dinner. 
What the table looks like. 
His car in the driveway. 
All how to live without my son. 
Each day.

The path. 
God has ordained. 
Not my will. 
But His. 
And so I learn. 
While my heart misses. 
I open my heart to the will of the Father. 

A young teen plays Elijah's drum set at church.
A young man unaware of the story.

Playing to Worship. 
The same God. 

All for His Glory. 

So I learn, to trust more. 
Rest where there is chaos. 
Quiet when the screams seek to find a voice. 
Peace given. 

A purpose beyond what I can see. 


  1. What a beautiful poem, you are uplifting others in your struggle. I love the combination of poetry, down to earth practicality, day-to-day updates and honesty which you bring to your blog. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world this way.

  2. I hear Peace in your words, peace in your Heart, Continue to feel Gods arms around You My Tammy!