Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Step into His Grace

I am a mama who lost her mama. 
Nine years of cancer. 
The final stages. 
You say death with dignity?
My mama endured pain; with grace. 
She clung to her Jesus. 
Knowing He knew her name.
Knowing He would call her name when time. 
We; her children; grew strong. 
We cared for this mama of ours. 
We guided our dad as the memory thief silently crept in. 
We watched our mama as her systems shut down. 
We watched her stand in the Powerful name of Jesus, with arms lifted high at her grandchild's baptism. 
We cried out to God to call her home. 
We wept. 
For all that has been and never will be again. 

I am a mama who lost her son 7 months later. 
The irony. 
I begged for my mama to be called home. 
My beloved red head was called 
in the wee hours of a Sunday morning; 
while I slept. 

No warning. 

A life being lived. 
A future just beginning. 
My mamas heart hurts. 
It aches actually. 
Burns deep. 
The breathing. 
Each moment choosing. 
Turning from the darkness that seeks to consume. 
An abyss that calls. 
The enemy desires discouragement and fear. 
At every turn he longs for us to cave to the pressure. 
The light though. 
It shines. 
In the darkness. 
Just a small glimmer illuminates an immense area. 
As that glimmer grows the work of God ensues. 
The pain remains, yet held by the Almighty. 
A buffer. 
The price paid on Calvary carrying us through. 
The ways of the world harsh at times. 
Though for a purpose. 
One which we can not see.
Always moving forward. 
In hope. 
Always hope. 
The way can get heavy. 
The path becomes dim. 
Hold on dear ones. 
Reach for the Light. 
Illuminate that darkness with the hope sent for all. 
Banish the fear. 
He came to overcome. 
He longs for time with us. 
He beckons. 
I rest. 
This weary journey gets me down. 
So I turn. 
To find rest. 
To remember the battle is not mine. 
He will overcome. 
One day soon. 
He will come again. 
His promises. 
His law.
Our response. 
In my weakness He is strong. 
In my surrender he reigns. 
Joy finds me; 
comforts me. 
Those inner places of longing and ache are held by the One who sees. 
Take courage my friends. 
We are held by a mighty God. 
Nothing has escaped his sight. 
He has not forgotten. 
He is there. 
For you. 
For me. 
Step into his Grace. 

Hebrews 4:16
Let us then approach God's throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

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  1. beautiful post as usual.. your writing is so powerful and touches so many.. you seriously should write a book.. I know many would benefit.