Sunday, June 19, 2016

Turning Father's Day Right Side Up

Rising early each morning, my farmer heads to the barn.
Never complaining. 

Morning his favorite time. 
He's never upset to milk alone. 
He takes his time. 
Enjoying the quiet. 
Our children have appreciated this time as well. 
Moments spent with their father beneath a sea of stars. 
The chill of the early morning; stimulating. 
Walking with purpose. 
Cows to bring to the barn. 

Unfamiliar sounds. 
All part of the memory. 

Our journey to Organic Certification complete.
It has been quite an experience. 
Still waiting for that first check. 
Many cows dry. 
Making cash flow so difficult. 
Milk prices so low. 
The waiting seeming to take forever. 
We've learned much in this transition. 
Yet my farmer stays steadfast. 

The farm is a great teacher. 

Much like my farmer. 
Much like my father. 
Much like my father in law. 
Three influential men in my life. 

Three men I learned from. 

Each sharing unique pieces of my Heavenly Father. 

My father, this year, will spend Father's Day in heaven. 

It will be 3 weeks tomorrow since he journeyed home. 
Sweet reunions. 
His mind fluid. 
This brings a sense of peace to my soul. 
The memory thief had taken so much. 

My Father in law also resides with the King of Kings. 

A hard working man who loved fiercely with out words. 
Who worked 2 jobs to provide for his family. 
A man who bowed low to the King of Kings with all his being. 

I wake this morning with the goal of a Thankful heart. 

Each moment will be captivated by gratitude. 

I will push away grief. 

With the help of Holy Spirit this day will be beautiful. 

My farmer;

is an amazing dad. 

His selfless dedication to our family; a gift. 
His daughter has chosen well. 

Fatherhood embraced. 

His love for the Lord and this land deeply embedded in his soul.

Today we honor these men. 

I am grateful for each of their part in helping to shape who I am today. 

I am deeply grateful to my heavenly Father for allowing me to have had such wonderful men in my life. 

May you choose today to find joy. 
To take what may have been broken and see the strength 
gained from a hard walk. 
Take time to seek the good. 
Let God shape you in His image. 
Our broken parts become beautiful in light of His grace. 

In 1971,Elisabeth Elliot, had this to say about Fathers. 
Article on Fathers, by Elisabeth Elliot

Psalm 147:1
Praise the LORD. How good it is to sing praises to our God,
 how pleasant and fitting to praise him!

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