Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Surprise In A Friendship; When You Were Expecting To Be Alone

Her rich, deep voice is directed towards us. 
Her eyes sparkling. 
I answer her question. 
She exudes joy with a touch of mischief. 
We exchange pleasantries. 
As in all conversations there comes a defining moment. 
She shares that she lost 3 of her siblings in a matter of months. 
My heart lurches with the known pain of losing so many in a matter of months. 
I hug her. 
And a friendship is born. 
Decades apart in age. 
Unity in the Spirit. 
In the morning session she comes running down to greet us. 
As I should have known a link to my mom would be there. 
My mom knew everyone. 
Or knew someone related to someone. 
And here this dear woman's niece dug deep with my mom in bible study. 
Cried out to God in prayer together. 
A link. 
Encouragement in the Body of Christ. 
I listen as this woman tells bits and piece of her story. 
Gary and I; intrigued. 
At 78 she has more energy than the both of us put together. 
She is witty and bright. 
And I want to be just like her when I grow up. 
I want the love of Christ to define who I am and shine in all I do. 
I want to have experienced all that I can. 
She regales us with story after story. 
And I know that this is a gift. 
A treasure. 
God has come along side of me in human form. 
He has sent a companion to laugh with and learn from. 
I marvel at the goodness of God. 
This week has been good. 
A week of unexpected alone time. 
Rich in peace and quiet. 
Overflowing with solid study and teaching. 
Each day is a gift. 
Even when they are hard. 
There is much to learn. 

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