Thursday, September 18, 2014

When There's An Early Frost And No Heat

The steam from the cooking apples warm the kitchen. 
Soon there will be applesauce. 
There is going to be another frost.
We have no heat in our home right now. 

I keep the doors closed. 
I bring in the mums so they won't freeze. 
We pick the last of the tomatoes on my one plant. 
I'm such a gardener. 
The doors to the other end of the house are shut. 
We are hanging a quilt over the doorway to the hallway that goes upstairs. 
We need to conserve heat. 
The down part of a large home. 
It seems too early to have such a frost. 
A reminder of winters pull. 
In the morning I'll make hot chocolate, lots of coffee and 
cook something in the oven to warm the rooms. 
The kiddos will come clambering down to try to get warm. 
I will always be grateful for no heat upstairs and the pull of the warm kitchen. 
For now we'll head to bed. 
We'll add another blanket; find an extra pair of socks.

And make sure chopping wood rises to the top of the list. 
After haying, feeding animals, milking, repairs. . . etc. etc.
Good Night. 

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