Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's Just A Couch

It's just a couch. 
Stained with memories. 



Knowledge imparted through endless books. 
Resting, while heavy with child. 
It's just a couch. 
Love poured out. 

Knees bowed in prayer over young ones; pleading over their souls. 
Years and years of devotions while the farm house slept. 
Late night discussions debating all that life may present. 
It's just a couch.
Where 7 or 8 gathered for family night to watch a movie. 
It was never too small.
There was always room for one more.

The place where Nana sat and loved on her grandbabies. 

A couch and chair my sweet Mother in Law found for us. 
 A place where the sick were nurtured to health. 
A place of enchanted forts.
The chair I sat in when my farmer went to the barn and I waited to make the calls 
that our red head had taken his final drive. 
His residence now on high, with the King of Glory.
Where I sat and pleaded before the throne of grace for this not to be. 
But it's just a couch. 
A couch where youth have sat and heard God's word. 
Where friends and family have gathered to study that Ancient Word. 
Where stories were told. 
A couch that has lost most of its stuffing. 
Springs broken and frame cracked. 
Almost as important as our kitchen table. 
Love poured out. 
It really never was, just a couch.  

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