Monday, August 11, 2014

His Ways. . .Not Mine

Many came to help ready the farm for guests. 
There are so many details. 
My head spins. 
The weather could be an issue. 
I want it to be sunny. 
I don't want to have tents.
I want to sit out in the open. 
But that is not the case. 
It may rain; It may not. 
How do you decide?
So much of our walk in life is about letting go. 
Changing our expectations. 
If we just trust God.

Isaiah 55:9
As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways 
and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Put aside our desires and thoughts. 
Let God guide the day. 
We would have less stress. 
When we surrender there is peace. 
God is able to show up and do what He does best. 
So often we grab the reigns and run. 
Thinking we know best.
This day, I struggle, in the surrender.
I have expectations.  
I want to rest in knowing someone else is in control. 
The day will be what it is. 
And each piece will be for a reason. 
Joy sought amidst the pain. 
Grateful for time to be with others.

And it is just what it was. 

There were many things not as I had wanted. 
Not my vision. 
But was it mine in the first place?
This event was Gods. 
His ways are higher than mine. 
It rained. 

People stayed. 
My heart was so full watching as folks crowded under tents. 
Not leaving.
There were rainbows. 
Displays of Gods workmanship. 
Reminders of His Covenant promises. 
The visitors streamed in. 
More than 300. 
This time they came to be together.
We honored Elijah.

We raised funds for his Memorial Fund. 
A Fund we pray will bless many through scholarships, 
and other ways not yet known. 
There was music and food in the mountains.
There was deep love.
It is the force of a community resting in the unity.
Family, life long friends and strangers-now family.
This life isn't about getting things my way.
It's about learning to see through Gods lens. 
For me, this will take a life time of surrender
Day after day of setting aside my vision for a greater purpose. 
A visit to the cross daily. 

We are grateful for all that has been given. 
We have been wrapped in layers and layers of grace. 
We will continue to surrender. 
Even while we grieve. 
Even in deep sorrow. 
We will surrender, we will praise, we will keep on keeping on. 

I love music. It feeds my soul like nothing else besides the Ancient Word.
CeCe Winans sings a classic hymn. 
I hope it ministers to your soul and raises you high on the wings that are able to carry you. 

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