Monday, December 2, 2013

A Promise That Will Never Be Broken

She meets me at the door, as I enter church. I haven't seen her in so long. 
 She hugs me tight and we cry. 
She so young, with babies growing. Together we share the silent pain of miscarriages, me but one. . .she many. But this new pain; I carve a new path. What do you say? How can you express in words the fear every parent lives with; the one no one wants to endure. 
She hugs me tight as we cry. 
The service is beautiful. The first Sunday in Advent, the reminder of the Promise. A service of dedication; a young mom and dad dedicating their 2 boys before the LORD.
 It draws me up sharp.
The words haunt me. So long ago, we journeyed this same path. Full of expectation and wonder. Presenting our boy before God and the congregation. Pledging to raise him with God's help, so that one day he would surrender and enter the waters of Baptism.
 It is these times that the missing; the longing threaten to undue me. I wonder how I can go on. 
But he did enter the waters. 
And that promise of Eternal life was embedded deep within his soul. 
The hope and joy. 

And this year he gave a Senior Testimony that we will never forget.

He was looking forward.
Little did he know that 49 days later he would be traveling this magnificent world;
just as he desired.
 He had finished his race.

Our Pastor's son in law paints, as the service progresses.
 Bryn paints as the Holy Spirit guides.
It is the final 4. 
The 4 Sundays in Advent. 
Our Pastor's last 4 Sundays.
Bryn shares the words the kids have all chosen for their dad.
 2 words to describe the man who has 25 years of ministry in this church. 
Faithful Shepherd
A man who has Shepherded and baptized our children in the river of this land. 
A man who has unwaveringly served this church,
as a servant; a Faithful Shepherd. 

I come across this facebook post from last year.  

Wasn't much into celebrating last night. Went to bed early. Woke up to the 2 little girls sound asleep on the couch! I wonder if they made it to midnight! Happy New Year everyone! I am not a list or a resolution girl. . .but I do want to honor God this year. I don't want this life to be about me. I want to serve others. While taking care of my mom, I experienced such a wonderful gift. Caring for your mother is a heartbreaking joy. . . a deep down joy that no one can touch. So here is to a year NOT about doing what's right for me. . . or putting myself first. Here is to a year where I surrender and let God lead my steps. . . Because even in the hard times . . .with God is better than on my own. Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. . . .

Little did I know the journey God had in store;
how he would "lead my steps". 

"Because even in the hard times. . .with God, is better than on my own."
I think if I had to chose a word to describe this past year it would have to be surrender. I have had to learn to give everything over. To get up each morning, and give over everything I have and all that I am. Because I have no strength. The grief threatens to overwhelm and the unknown looms. 
Yet, as we surrender all we have; God reaches down and works his good and perfect will through us. 
This Advent, I pray that you wait with anticipation for what God will do. 
Surrender all to him. 
With hope live each day, knowing that His plan is secure. 
He will fulfill his Promises.

I love to watch Elijah drum. 
He felt the beat to the very core of his being. 
"This is the first day of the rest of your life"

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