Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Remembering Well, Because We Can Never Forget

Her hands were strong;
weathered through the years from dishes, 
raising 5 children and many others who needed shelter in her home. 
A home that was sprinkled with grace and joy.
A home where all who entered became family.  

 She could refinish a piece of furniture or transform a room into a 
space that invited all who entered. 
She saw beauty in everything. 

She could turn a run down house into a cozy home; 
a bare piece of earth into a vibrant feast for the eyes. 
The ground yielded to her touch, releasing it's beauty for all to enjoy. 

She could cook and sew on a minimum budget. 
And create the possible from the impossible.
There was never a crisis she couldn't cure, or problem she couldn't fix. 
She always had time for a cup of tea or coffee. 
And she loved her family and friends. 
And they adored her. 

There were always goodies for a snack.
She gathered calves and their mama's and brought them to the barn.
She would search and search when one of those calves was missing.
It was just her way. 
Finding the lost and bringing them home. 

She walked hours in the woods searching for just the right tree to 
bring shade to her yard or compliment her garden. 
She taught me about ham gravy, Jesus and love; while never saying  a word. 
Her grandchildren loved her. 
And a great grand child found solace in the grace of her home for a time. 

All she did was an act of service. 
She loved well, she lived well and it's been 12 years today, 
since she was called home; 15 months after her beloved Clayton. 

She left a legacy for all of us. 
She embraced life and its adversities. 
She rarely complained, she worked hard and took nothing for granted. 
There are days I long for her companionship; her wisdom and soft ways. 
Today is one of them. 

We head to the hospital today to begin this process of healing. To eradicate this cancer. 

12 years ago, we walked into the High School concert where Chelsea was playing 
bearing the news Shirley had left this earth.
Tonight, again we will head to the High School concert,
 hopefully beginning  a new path of good news of healing. 

The Angels came bearing the greatest news of all on a starry, moon filled night. 
May this news of great joy set our hearts on fire. 
May there be peace beyond all measure and grace enough

Luke 2:10
But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid. 
I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.


  1. Tammy, This is such a beautiful tribute. Your messages reflect the influence that such wonderful women have had on you. Please let your farmer know that my family's thoughts and prayers are also with you. Laurel Shelmandine

  2. Thank you Tammy - Shirley was indeed such a wonderful soul - as was Clayton in his own quiet way - how nice to remember her today! Rich

  3. Lovely was fun to see the old photos (saw my Mom in one). I spent SO much time in the house that is now yours as a kid...many...many memories! Sue K.

  4. Thanks Tammy, for the walk down memory lane!........I have no idea how to do this stuff, but I love that you know how, loved the pictures and memories that went with them......lucky for me I was there to live it, since I don't know how to record it!! LOL