Saturday, January 9, 2016

When the Quiet Still Hangs in the Air

While the early morning quiet still hung in the air. 
The phone rang.
Love on the line from Haiti. 
A quick hello and good bye. 

While the news blares Presidential Candidate 
updates and tolerance and intolerance are debated. 
A group is in Haiti. 
Sharing, loving, building, sweating in the name of Jesus. 
The noon time heat is intense. 
So they chose to get to work early. 
They headed to the boys home to build a Safe-T home. 

Temporary shelter for a people longing for a home. 

New beginnings; glimmers of hope. 

The wifi connection is spotty. 
So communication is limited. 
A stark reminder of how dependent we are on fast paced communication. 
Immediate access to information. 
Ways to communicate, never having to speak a word. 

The youngest and I find ourselves alone. 
We go to a friends to watch a movie.
This movie spoke a message loud and clear. 
A message that resonates with my heart. 
We are fighting a War. 
A war for our children's souls. 
Our marriages. 
Our everyday living. 
There is a battle. 
A battle that says you're not good enough. 
This is what you need to be happy. 
A culture that continues to tell us, if we just have this, 
then we can be happy. 
We just need "stuff" to make us happy. 
We need to put ourselves first. 
And then we'll be happy. 

Oh my. 
No, no. 

This is not how it works. 
It is not until we surrender.
Put Jesus first, that is where our happiness begins. 

This is joy. 
This is love. 
This is not where he wanted to go. 
If he had put himself first, he would be here, on the farm, 
taking care of chores. 
Because that is what he wanted to do. 
Instead he went in obedience. (sort of) 
And God has met him there. 
In his brokenness and deep missing. 

This is love from Haiti. 

This make my mama's heart sing. 
This takes the ache and fills that deep, deep hole with grace. 

We've got one shot in this world to make it count;
to make a difference. 
When the world shouts to us that we need more. 
We need this or that to be happy. 
We need to silence those voices. 
We need to bow our knee to the One who breathes life into us; 

(photo credit-Kayli Leavitt)
I am not here to become successful or rich. 
I am here to serve; in whatever way God chooses. 
I do not know what that looks like long term. 
What I know is that here, in this moment, I need to be in prayer. 
In the quiet. 
In the chaos. 
In the confusion and busyness. 
No matter the journey. 
Looking heavenward. 
Stepping into obedience even when it's hard. 
Finding joy where God leads. 
Even in the heartache. 
Even when I am disappointed. 
Even when I don't understand. 

I have open and complete access to God. 
He never slumbers nor sleeps. 

Psalm 121:4
He will not let your foot slip-- he who watches over you will not slumber;
indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.

There is never poor service or a busy signal. 
You don't have to leave a message or stand in line. 
He's there. 

As I continue to wait to hear from Haiti. 
I will do the work I have been called to do. 
In humble submission, before a loving and Powerful God. 

While I wait to hear from Haiti. 
I will bend my knee and raise my hands in Praise to the 
One who calls me by name.
For these moments are rich. 
They are not to be missed. 
I will do what I am called to do here. 

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  1. Wonderful post and the truth behind true joy in this life. When we strive for things and our own pleasure, we have left empty.