Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Farmer's Wife I Called Mother In Law

I can still feel the peace when I entered her home. 
The country charm. 

The warmth. 
The smells. 
The open door. 
Oh, how I loved and admired her. 
She could bring a calf to the barn as easy as whipping up a tasty meal. 
There was always room on her lap for one more. 

Room at the table for another to sit. 
Always time for coffee.
There was always a solution to every problem. 
Life was a journey with God as her companion. 
Her creative touch transforming gardens and rooms into things of beauty. 
The light left her 13 years ago today. 
In a moment; she was gone. 
At 65 it seemed too young. 
Her husband just 16 months before her. 

The ache we all felt; still felt today. 
I miss her laugh and the twinkle in her eye. 
I miss her encouraging words and support on the farm. 
She accepted me; this city girl. 
She never laughed at my inabilities or lack of knowledge. 
She taught by example. 
She lived what she believed. 
Her hands, never idle.
Her heart, always full. 
So, my dear Shirley I miss you greatly. 
I am grateful for the legacy you left. 
I am thankful for the farmer you bore, the strength you modeled. 
I know I am the woman I am, because you believed in me. 
Because you shared a life surrendered to Christ and to your family. 
I know you're rejoicing with the King of all Kings and sitting at the banquet table with my red head.
This assurance brings me peace and fills my being with strength. 
Heaven holds so many of my dear ones. 
There have been days I have longed for your wisdom or to hold my hand when
 my heart can't take the pain anymore. 
For now I will continue as you modeled; though not nearly as adequately as you. 
My eyes are lifted to the cross. 
My soul surrendered. 
Life breathed into my weary heart by the Giver of all life. 
Thank you for giving. 
Thank you for loving. 
I was blessed to have been a part of your family. 

I was blessed to have you in my life. 

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