Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fill My Cup

She stands at my door. 
She who has lost much. 
My mind flashes to the first time I saw her at my door. 
Standing there.
He, with his mug ready for filling. 
Hot coffee was needed. 
A twinkle in his eye
A kindred spirit. 
She stood there quiet while I filled his cup. 
She now stands in the same space. 
But the life long partner has been called home. 
She stands taller.
More sure of herself.
She gives me encouragement. 
She fills my cup. 
Isn't that what we need to do? 
Aren't our cups empty; needing to be filled?
We can choose to pour into them bitterness and wrath; vile thoughts and cheap actions.
Or we can step back and allow God to fill our cup. 
He will fill it right up.
He will take his mercy and grace and pour them in.
Even when your heart is breaking.
He will meet you in the quiet.
He will fill that cup.
He will be your portion.
So take your empty cup and let it be filled.

Psalm 16:5
LORD, you alone are my portion and my cup; you make my lot secure.

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