Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Partner That Brings Grace To Your Movements

Sometimes I just want off this road. I've said it before. To me it seems hard.
 At each door there is pain and heart ache.
 It's another journey to process and move through. There is a dance while moving through pain. 
The movements can be stiff and awkward. 
Or they can be smooth and graceful.

When you walk hand in hand with a partner skilled in guiding the way; the movements become fluid. 
I want things to be fluid. I long for movements that are graceful. 
What is it that creates the graceful out of the chaos?
Who called order into the cosmic disorder?
And don't we all long for order? Don't we long for things to be in its place?
(Ok. So it's a stretch for me to go that far)
But we long for there to be order. We want things to be nicely wrapped and organized.
 And when our dreams are shattered and life throws a curve ball we recoil. 
We question the chaffing and uncomfortable. 
Yet through these times the hand of the Lord is manifested the most. 
It is through these times that our character is refined.
We are taken through the fire. 

Our dross is removed.
We can't see the ultimate product but we know that it will be grace endowed.
What is this grace? Can we understand such a gift?
Philip Yancey in his book "What's so Amazing about Grace," says,
 “I would far rather convey grace than explain it.”
Are we open to receive such an extravagant offering?
I don't have answers. I am left with many questions.
Yancey also points out that,
"Any discussion of how pain and suffering fit into God's scheme ultimately leads back to the cross.” 
Even when there is this offering; many refuse the partner skilled in guiding the way.

I have chosen a life surrendered to the skilled partner. I lean into the difficult moves and twists and turns.
 I am unfamiliar with the routine and music.
 I have no choice but to let the master lead the way.
I hope when all is said and done; it will be a beautiful dance. 

We are promised dancing on the streets that are golden.
And what a joyous celebration that will be.

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