Monday, February 3, 2014

The Things We Could Learn From A Farmer

It's the last day of radiation. My farmer needs some hydration after the treatment.
He hasn't needed hydration at all except during treatment.
How did they know he would need it now?
I am so grateful. You can tell he needs it. He just perseveres. He never complains. He has been amazing through these treatments.
There are so many lessons learned from the generations of farmers. 
If we all lived a little more like them, I think this world would be a much better place. 
I could be biased. I married one. 
Here are some lessons I have learned in the last 24 years. 
(Disclaimer. . .Ok - I am learning these things
These are the examples I have seen. I didn't say I have any of these qualities.)

Get up and do your job. Even if you'rsick. Or have cancer. You'll get through it. 
Even when your son doesn't show up for milking because he's with the King of Kings. 
Don't complain. Words never fixed anything. 
If you open the gate; close it. 
Let nature do it's work, it'll let you know if it needs help. 
Make hay while the sun shines. You won't get another chance. 
When it's broken. Find out why. 
Reuse, repair, and reuse again. This is the only earth we have; take care of it. 
The word "can't" is not in the dictionary. 
Everything has a use at one time or another. 
Shopping means to the equipment yard, or the attic. 
Listen to people. They may have something to say. . . or not.
Thank God in the good times. Thank God for the tough times. 
Breathe in deep. You'll know if it's going to rain, if the halage is spoiled or a cow is sick.
Never be too busy to: pull someone out of a ditch-repeatedly; never take money for such actions,  fix someone's thing that needs fixing , plow a neighbors driveway-even when you have chores to finish and have been up since 3, rescue an animal, or to show someone around the farm.
Picnics and outings are spontaneous events. 
The hay mow has multiple uses.
Warm buttered toast and chocolate milk make everything ok. 
Nestle Quik Chocolate dissolves better in raw milk. (really)
Scones in farming language is fried bread dough. 
Church is mandatory; no way around it, most everything else will wait.
Your life is prayer.
You feast on God's word before physical nourishment.
You don't need a vacation because you have everything right here. 
At the end of the day you're so tired you'll never need a sleep aid. 
You sleep whenever you sit down; but don't miss a thing. 
Your needs come last. Always. 
The sunrise is always beautiful even when we can't see it. 

Jehovah Shalom. God is our peace. 


  1. Oh how many of those traits bring my Dad to mind. He didn't make church a priority until the last few years of his life. Thankful that he did!

  2. Every word was my dad and grandfathers (2). Head held high, trusting in the Lord, working to keep the earth. I am proud to be a farmer's daughter. Bre

  3. Wow, you described my farmer dad to a tee. Thanks. Rosie Lutz

  4. I'm sending this to Rees; he will eat it up. So glad to know that you and Gary are here. Love, A