Friday, April 18, 2014

A Walk He Chose To Take

We celebrated his life. 
This man who was larger than life.
Who bent his knee to the Creator to be changed. 
Who took my broken heart into his hands and gently poured in grace. 
He taught me to receive. 
 His life; love in action. 
His sons talked of his faith. 
His love for words. 
And I know he loved coffee.
 He would show up at my door with his mug.
I loved that. 
He was a kindred spirit. 
As I sat in the back of the church I reflected on how almost 9 months ago
I sat in the front row remembering my son.
 Celebrating his brief life here on this earth.
 The life he was meant to live.
 No less. No more.
Part of the plan known only to King of Kings.

Today we will walk step by step towards the cross.

Each stop intentionally listening to the words spoken by Jesus. 
Our feeble attempt to "join" in his suffering. 
It is Good Friday.
The day on which all of creation hangs in balance.
Our Father turns his face from the filth of our beings.
He watched as his son bore the sin and shame meant for us.
Willingly Jesus moved to His death.
With each step He moved closer.
He at any time could have called 10,000 angels.
But He didn't.
He hung on the Cross over 2,000 years ago so that we might reign with him.
It is a debt I can never repay.
It is out of love and obedience that I serve Him.
Even when I don't understand Him.

As we wait and contemplate the cross.
I am reminded of a sermon.
It is one my boys repeated, over and over.
It is full of hope.
I encourage you to take some time to listen.
In the words of EV Hill.
It's Friday. . .And Sunday's comin'.

Are you ready? 
I can't wait. 

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  1. "The life he was meant to live" ~ I can't decide if that's comforting or heartbreaking. Probably both. Love to you guys. I miss you.