Thursday, April 10, 2014

Waiting Can Turn Me Into The Road Rage Queen

I wait in the parking lot for my youngest son; now my only, to finish practice. 
It seems like yesterday I was waiting for Elijah.
There is struggle in waiting.
I do not wait well. 
I am easily irritated. 
There is something else I could be doing. 
Work that needs to be done.
Space; I need to fill.
Silence; (ask the farmer) I need to fill.
There is purpose in waiting. Each a season.
Waiting; with child, for birth. 
Waiting;  in line, traffic, on the phone.
While waiting,
 I can turn into the road rage queen in the middle of Mandisa's Good Morning Song. 
Or waiting while my laptop shuts down 3 times trying to finish this post.
Frustration being born.

There it is. Be Still. 
Lessons in Lent.
It is what we do in the waiting that matters.
Learning to find opportunities to pray.
Waiting for the call that mom had journeyed to Jesus.
Opportunities to slow down.

Waiting in the wee hours of the morning for the sun to rise;
to share the news that Elijah had been called home.
Seeking the Ancient Word.
Waiting for doctors to share  biopsy results.
Resting in Hope.
Waiting for scan results.
Seeking to Praise Him.
In the midst of the storm.
Waiting is a gift.
As we seek how to wait, as we are refined in the process;
there is room for tremendous growth.

God can do his mightiest work while we wait. 
Though the journey may seem long, the pain unbearable.
God may seem miles away.
You may be bone weary from the intense pounding of life's circumstances.
He is is there.
In the midst of it all.
While you wait. 
He fights. 

Exodus 14:4
The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still."

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