Saturday, September 14, 2013

Come With Me

Come with me. 
Deep into my grief. 
Into the place that aches.
 Come see where the rough appears.
 Feel the loss. It is dark and loud. . .anguish, screams. 
The pain is hot and searing. . .
The child I birthed lies in the sod. 17 years too short. 
 I can hear the faint echo of the cadence, yet he doesn't march. . .
dreams are stilled. . .the life abruptly ended.
But do you see?
 Comfort being poured out? 
The hope that rises. 
Taste and see the quietness of the One who called that life into being. 
Who gives breath to all. 
He quiets the screams. . .he smooths the rough edges. 
He reaches into the ache
He spreads immense light.
He is the Light.
               -Tammy Lynne Davis
On the death of our beloved son

There is hope and there is light.
Even in the midst of deep pain.
I still find it so hard to believe.
How in a moment your whole world is tipped-and nothing will ever be the same.
There is a part of you that has to close the door, or deep torment threatens to overcome.

Elijah wasn't perfect. He made mistakes and poor choices.
He drove us crazy.
Yet he was loved by us. . .and he knew it.
But more importantly he was loved by His Savior.
And in his his Senior Testimony he talks about that love.
Elijah is gone.
His work on this earth finished.
Gary said this morning that he has truly graduated.
How this pains us. . .yet also brings joy.
I will never have to worry about him coming home. . . or what scars he would incur as a
United States Marine. He is safe and he is wrapped in love.
I will also never know what his future might have been. Red haired grand children?
Full of temper and smarts as his dad. . .this is not for us.

But we are still here and our God is great and his name is above all names.
And I long for the day when all nations will come together. . .
In the link below it brings me hope to see so many different nationalities
 all singing to the One true God.
The God that you do nothing. . . to receive. He freely gives.

And as we continue to mourn the loss of Elijah we will continue to say,
How Great is our God. . .click on the link and sing with me. . .
Worship leaders from various nations gather together


  1. oooh...we SHALL overcome!!
    thank you so much for all you are in this Tammy
    you are
    shining the LIGHT
    you are

  2. The sharing of your poetic raw honesty, pain, and faith is such a beautiful tribute to Elijah and a powerful, moving example of surrendering to and praising God.

    1. Thank you. It is part of the healing for me.

  3. A beautiful poem Tammy. I really love the black and white photo of Elijah-it captures such a look of happiness on his face.
    Much love.

    1. Thank you. We always joked with Elijah, because he never smiled for photo's. He was always so serious. This picture captures so much. He is missed greatly.

  4. Thank you again and again. This is so moving.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. This is a healing step for me. I can't seem to do much else but write. . .Thank you again.

  5. In your grief, you are teaching me how to grieve, Tammy. You are teaching me how to live - and to love. My soul is hugging yours tight. This is a beautiful poem. If I ever get back to VT, and I pray God will allow that in His timing, I hope I can come and hug you for real.

    "In the emptiness of the letting go, I found the fullness of His grace." - Walk Agape. Resting in this with you tonight, friend.


    1. "In the emptiness of the letting go, I found the fullness of His grace." - Walk Agape Oh how true this is. Thank you.