Saturday, September 7, 2013

Front Porch Visits

Because of the events of July 28.
Acquaintances have become friends; a shared bond. 
Not one that either of us would like to have.
They know the searing loss of a child.
They have walked the broken road.
But they came. 
They visited.
They listened. 
They shared.

They brought flowers and macaroni and cheese. 
And for a tiny moment in space I felt peace. 
A shared bond will do that. There is common ground. 
Though this ground is not  pleasant.
This ground is hard and uncomfortable.
There is no way to make it easier.
And there is no way to spread out this pain.
It comes as it wishes.
It spills over into all things.
Yet in talking, there is healing, there is remembering. There is the sense that these feelings are understood.
God longs for us to be in relationship with him.
He understands and longs to heal us.
I am broken.
My heart hurts.
I find rest in the arms of the LORD.
And He is in the details.
He knew we needed this visit today.
He knew we would need the physical presence of new friends.

I can feel the change of the seasons. 
Once upon a time ago fall was the season of much joy for me.
I long to feel joy again.
I can't seem to see around that corner quite yet.
The ache too deep; the pain too raw.
The missing always present.

God you are my hiding place. . .

And I will trust in you.
I am weak.
He is making me strong, only by his grace.


  1. Those flowers are beautiful--looks like a vanGogh painting! What joy in the beautiful things of the world created to display His glory. And what comfort in the love of friends, new and old. This litany of graces you are recording is a testimony to the greatness of our God.

  2. Let's hear it for wonderful people who use the pain and heartache they have had to reach out to touch others and help them through the same dark forest they've been through... Thanks guys, for taking care of my friends.