Saturday, March 8, 2014

De-Cluttering More Than Just My Home

I breathe in deep.
I think I have found a way to try and be quiet.
My house is a mess.
Well, cluttered really. 
 I have read every book and idea on de-cluttering (which now clutter my home);
none of the strategies seem to work.
 It is just plain hard.
My cousin sent me this link about a practice during Lent that she thought I might enjoy.
The practice of giving up of a bag "of stuff" a day for 40 days. 
I thought this is something I could give up; gladly. 
But it's so stressful.
 I am going to follow up the chore with the quiet time;
because this cleaning thing brings out the savage beast of a woman in me. 
Since this is day 3 of the 40 day journey, we gathered 3 bags.
Yes, I am ashamed to say there are more than 3 bags worth of stuff in one room.

So, I am committed to taking out a bag a day.
I hope as I go through this practice, I will remove more than just clutter.
I pray that as things get cleaned up, the burden and weight I carry would be lifted as well.
As my house is purged, I long for my soul to be purged of the pain and heartache.
I want to hand over to God all that clutters my mind.
All the things that keep from sweet communion with him.
So, as I  practice the art of being quiet, I will purge a bag a day.
Each step seeking the "what next?"
Seeking grace in each moment. 

Just for the record here is another link to a neat de-cluttering sight.

I Peter 1:5
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

In case you're in the purging mood. Here is a great song to move to.
I prefer Classical Music. 
My kids say that is why my house isn't clean.
I need songs like this to get moving.
Hope you move along too.

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