Monday, March 3, 2014

Chin Up, Shoulders Straight. . .Advice From My Dad

Chin up
Shoulders straight
 Fly right

My father's advice through the years. 
There were many other colorful pieces of advice he would share that I won't mention here. 
But these. These have stayed with me. 
I don't know where he got this. 
His father died when he was 12. So I am not thinking it was fatherly wisdom. 
My dad is a man of few words. 
(not always appropriate either, insert wink)
Now he is a man who has the memory thief as a constant companion. 
But he spoke these words to me often enough that they have stuck. 
This morning when I was feeling a bit of a pity party coming on; 
when I started down a path that should not be travelled.
 I remembered these words. 

They weren't the comforting Ancient words. 
Or the words of an accomplished theologian. 
They were the words spoken to me, by my father, growing up. 
They were words that show strength in their actions. 
So instead of a pity party. 
Instead of  falling apart like I wanted to;
I put my chin up. 
I pulled those shoulders straight. 
(I am short so anything will help)
And I flew. . . yes, straight to God's word. 
Straight to those Ancient words. 
Because the earthly words reminded me of the eternal words. 
No matter how I try to find any thing else to fill the void, remove the hurt or bring me comfort. 
It is only God's word that brings the peace. 
It is the Holy Spirit falling fresh, over me. 
In the quiet. In the moments of listening. 
While we miss Elijah. 
While we wait for tests and results. While we live through this depression. 
I will listen to my earthly dad's mantra and run to my heavenly Father's arms.
Chin up
Shoulders straight
Fly right. . . into your heavenly Father's arms.
Thanks Dad. 
I know you can't be of much help now. 
But your words of years gone by are pushing me forward. 
You are, and will always be my greatest hero. 
Oh, how I wish we could have closed the door to the memory thief. 

Joshua 1:9
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. 
Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged,
 for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."


  1. What encouraging words Tammy....

  2. Thank you Deb. Always looking to the Father.

  3. Thanks, Tammy. I have been thinking about your dad. How is he?, R., Lutz