Friday, November 7, 2014

A Cold Bedroom Day #7 Of Thankfulness

Posting from the archives today. Remembering we are beautiful." God makes beautiful things out of the dust. . . out of us. "(Gungor)
I pray your  Thankful journey is rich and changing you. 

I have learned a few things over the years about not heating the bedroom:

1. I don't need a wine cellar. It's the perfect temperature.
2. Oil of Olay does not contain water. 
3. Oil of Olay does not freeze.
4. Oil of Olay Moisturizer hurts to put on when it is 52 degrees
5.This is not an add for Oil of Olay
6. Never put your clothes on in the bedroom unless you have warmed them first.
7. Your water always stays nice and cool. 
8. It is still not cold enough for spiders to die.
81/2. #8 is really important.
9. Make sure you're fully dressed before you freak out about spiders that are still alive in the cold bedroom.
10. Your cold feet on your husband in the said cold room is not any indication of anything except that you have cold feet. 
11. When you turn the heat up to clean because you hate to clean anyway and having it cold doesn't help, remember to turn the heat back down or the night will be very warm.

 I like my cold bedroom.
I like how the sun warms the room in the afternoon.

This house really was oriented for maximum sun. 
As long as I can look past the dirt on the windows, I am fine.
They are those ceiling to floor windows.
They are hard to miss. . .
Besides the windows are probably pre-ultra violet protection so, the dirt adds a buffer. 
There are some benefits to not cleaning. 

I am thankful for:

Reasons to not clean
My childhood friend whose birthday is today
A friend from college whose birthday is also today
For cold bedrooms
Warm husband
Mountain Views
Open Land
Elijah's friends that just "stop by"
Grace for the moment
Back Porch Swing
Healing walks with a neighbor
Friends who drink coffee
A cousin who made me Cuban coffee and all else pales in comparison
A beautiful fall
More sunny days than dark, this fall

The lessons I am learning in waiting
The large age differences in our children
A cousin and her daughter coming to visit this weekend
Cards, letter, words of encouragement from this community, some from folks I have yet to meet
God's word as I cling to it moment by moment
My Lord and Savior who goes before me, and sees the plan that I can not

The more we surrender the more God is able to fill our weary souls.
This journey is not about me.
It is all about Him.

I hope you can take a few moments to listen to the words of this song. 
"Out of Chaos life is being found in you. . ."
The drumming in this song is a beautiful thing. . .
 miss you Elijah,
Oh, how I miss you.

In Christ you all are beautiful. 
I hope you know that. 
Live that.

You Make Beautiful Things

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