Thursday, November 27, 2014

Creating A Day That is Purposefully Thankful Day # 27 of Thankfulness

The season of Thankfulness. 
The settlers of this land grateful for sustenance; coming together in fellowship. 
A time to be grateful. 

And what is gratitude really? 
The lists that I have made of all the things I possess? 
That happy feeling when we are content and things are going swell? 
That is a part of the practice. 
True gratitude is deep contentment in life, no matter the circumstances
A Thankful life is lived looking through a different lens. 
One is not born a thankful person. 
It takes effort and intentional actions. 
To be thankful in every sense of the word mandates a shift in the view of the world. 
It permeates all you do. 

Because being grateful isn't just about the stuff. 
It's about looking at the world as a place where change can happen; and it starts with us. 
We take the step towards gratitude. 
Even when the checkout line is slow. 
(Oh I am so guilty of this)
We need to guard our hearts. 
Be careful what we watch and listen to. 
Intentional steps to cultivate a habit. 
Bitterness and greed are easy to step into. 
It is our default mechanism.
To rise above and shut the door in the face of those temptations is rich. 
So, as this Thanksgiving Day dawns and I want to just crawl back in bed, I am going to walk in the warmth of the memories of Thanksgiving's past. 
Oh, they are rich. 
I am going to treasure each moment for the gift it is. 
If you're in a place where bitterness and pain have become your 
constant companion,let it go
Count your blessings.
Take your eyes off yourself.
Shed the negative.
Find another to bless. 
There is no greater pull out of despair than giving to someone else. 
Reach for a journal and begin the list of that for which your heart is Thankful. 

I am thankful for:
Memories of the warmth and joy of family together
a home where I can share Thanksgiving meals
a table where all can gather
friends who are family
the blanket of white covering the barren landscape
a farmer who holds me in the night when I can barely breathe
grief; despite the pain and agony. there are lessons to learn
the hope of heaven and the beauty of a sweet reunion
the 17 Thanksgiving's I had with Elijah
a home that is full of laughter and teenagers
a hot cup of coffee
these moments to sit and reflect on all that I have to be thankful for
a season of Thankfulness that is followed by the rich Season of Advent
when we are truly Thankful the message of the cross becomes so much more
this day, this moment and the grace that will be given for the rest

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

May you create a day that is purposefully Thankful.

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