Monday, November 10, 2014

They Will Never Be Forgotten Day #10 of Thankfulness

They willingly go. 
Something about the call. 
A camaraderie.
A duty. 
Our Veteran's. 
Bound by a creed. 
Actions speaking louder than words. 
Old and young. Single or married. 
It matters not when the call arises. 
They, are our Veteran's. 
Our son. 
His desire. 
To be a Marine. 

He longed to serve. 
Test scores high; College material. 
Not for him. 
His heart; enlistment. 
He was not yet 18.
I wrestled and struggled, not my will but thine. 
I respected the call, I signed for my son to give his all. 
His calling though, was not to be,
it was for something we couldn't see. 
His dreams never fulfilled. 
Yet my heart soars with pride when I think of what he was willing to sacrifice.  
I pray you'll take the time to share your gratitude and care with a Veteran. 
May we never forget the One who made the ultimate sacrifice. 
Who fought the holiest battle for our soul. 
He went willingly, to the cross, that we might live. 

I am thankful for:
A son, willing to serve
For the Young lady who wrote this song.
At Your Pace
A grandfather, many uncles and aunts and my father who answered the call
For this young man, whom no words can describe my respect for him 

For Uncle Harold and his service and time in Viet Nam
For all who serve and have served-their sacrifice has meant our freedom
The gift of prayer and how it changes us
Sundays that are truly a day of rest-that looks so different for everyone
Monday Mornings-a whole new week
The work of grief, how it changes us
My farmer and his steadfastness, no matter how grumpy I am
This farm
Crisp mornings, hot coffee, a warm home
The quiet in the mornings to reflect and spend quality time with the Lord
For this Season of Thanksgiving, how intentional gratitude works deep down in my soul
For a God interested in the details of our lives

May we all walk in gratitude for those who have fought for our right to 
worship, live and love.
And here's to all the Mama's who will never hold their babies again. 
Thank you for your sacrifice. 
Your boy will never be forgotten. 

Tim McGraw
If You're Reading This

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