Sunday, November 2, 2014

Do You Feel Depleted? Need Renewing? Day #2 of Thankfulness

In the deep place I rest. 
Knowing that He who made me can also calm me. 
I rest. 
In His unfailing love.
I gingerly step forward. 
In hope. 
Clinging to what I know. 
Pressing forward, not in my own strength. 
But that of the One who gave all. 
We make changes in feed for the farm. 
We discuss plans for the land. 
What does it require to be fertile?
To yield all that it can. 
How do we replenish nutrients lost from cropping? 
Good management is critical for survival. 
Our relationship with the Almighty is just as important.
A plan. 
Replenishing that which has been depleted.
Renewed and refreshed each day.
The act of Thankfulness changing each of as we step forward.
Turning our hearts toward Him.

I am thankful for:

Dreary days to remind me to be thankful for the sunshine
propane fire places
Christmas movies in November
Snuggling on the couch
A farmer who is so gentle
A farmer junior so committed to his tasks
A day to just not feel the pull of the urgent
Sabbath Rest
Coffee, always coffee
favorite recipes
the view of Mt Mansfield and Camels Hump that we have
The sound of my wind chime my farmer and kids made me always reminding me of the ocean- etched in the metal are the initials #etd
the times when I feel my heart will break in two, I can feel someone praying
the grace God shed on us and his great, great love poured out
the gift of being a mom and the 17 years I had with Elijah
friends and a community that spurs us along
God my Savior and the hope we have because of him

Lauren Daigle
Once For All

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