Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Are Those Waters Really Uncharted? Day #5 of Thankfulness

There are days when everything is hard. 
Getting out of bed. 
The weight of this world. 
The "what ifs" of the day. 
When all the woes seem to circle round. 
The crisp clarity is marred. 
And you wonder,"What is this all for?"
Meaning clamors for attention. 
It can rise and become the driven thought. 
Pushing aside any beauty. 
It is loud and demanding. 
A churning and unsettled place to be. 
We hope for answers. 
A solid plan wanted. That 5 year plan.
Yet, in a moment 5 year plans vanish.
Uncharted waters entered.
Are they truly uncharted?
Or just unknown to us.
Leaning into trust.
The One who called the oceans into being.
He knows.
These are His waters.
Once again I lay it all down before Him.
I give Him my heartache and desire to "understand, why."
I pray to be able to bloom in this dark space.
These circumstances will not change.
But I can.

I Chronicles 16:34
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

I am thankful for:
A desire to bloom in this dark place
Snuggles with my kids
the grace with which our daughter handled items being stole from her car
the gift to pray for those who stole from us
my farmer junior and his excitement with working on the farm
a call from my farmer junior to see if I have coffee, how I miss my coffee with Elijah
God's unfailing mercy
flannel sheets
the smell of wood stoves
the sound of leaves crunching with each step
the pungent smell of fermenting fall
strength enough for each day
the sound of the tractor going by
elections and the great freedom we have to vote

Third Day
Cry Out To Jesus

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