Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Babies, Snuggles, Diapers. . . Oh My! Day #4 of Thankfulness

I start the day with coffee and a scone with a friend. 
She insists on treating me to my favorite latte. 
It's so nice to be out and visiting. 
I return home to a note from a sweet mama that she is in the area. 
She and her new baby and would love to stop by. 
Snuggles and visiting. 
A perfect combination. 
Later after a silly fb conversation I receive another note from a mama
of three under three. 
She and another seasoned mama come for shortbread and coffee. 
The day has flown by. 
And there is contentment in my heart. 
There is still laundry and dishes. 
Supper to get. 
Floors to sweep and mop. 
Books to balance and checks to write. 
But there is a peace. 
A calm assurance. 
All is well. 
With my soul. 

Psalm 62:5
Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.

I am thankful for:

babies and snuggles
surprise visits
coffee in the living room while little ones play
the art of visiting, it is such a treasure
the moments of relief from grief
sunshine and warm days in November
memories of my son that flutter through
the grace by which I have been saved
never walking this road alone
the Ancient Word
the changing seasons
moments to breathe in deep
peace in my soul
another farmette on the way
a new day to be open to all God will send our way
strength for the journey, even when we don't like it
my farm girls who get up to help their farmer daddy do chores
milk, eggs and meat all from the farm 

The act of stepping into gratitude. 
You'll never be the same. 

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