Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Ultimate Sacrifice Day #11 of Thankfulness

Fancy pants dining. 
It's what they do. 
All these kids. 
From the time they were little. 
Aunt Clara's china being used. 
The candle light glowing. 

It's in those moments I see the table full. 
All the seats occupied. 
The laughter and joy around the farmhouse table. 
Things have changed. 
So much. 
One space remains empty; forever. 
The future, here on this earth, not mine to know. 
I know he was dedicated. 
He wanted to serve this country with his life. 

 The eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. 
We celebrate today because of the lives given. 
Sacrificed for our freedom. 
For men and woman who selflessly stand so we can sleep. 
Elijah would have made an amazing marine. 
But God called him home. 
For those of us left- we still have work to do. 
We honor these men and woman because of the life give for us. 
The ultimate sacrifice was made on our behalf as One walked willingly to the cross.
He gave. . .all.
So that we may be free.
A symbol.
An example.
For God and Country.

I am thankful for:
Veteran's Day
a grandfather and uncles who served this country
my dad who gave to serve
Harold, a family friend who served and influenced 
our son Elijah so much
those men and woman who have pledged to protect and
 serve our country
the families of those men and woman -thank you 
a son who never wavered in his desire to serve
those that came alongside of Elijah as he trained and prepared
For the glimpses of grace along this journey

 a flag flown over Parris Island on Elijah's birthday- 
the day he would have left for boot camp
 a gift of the Marine Flag

 an enlisted Marine who knew Elijah 
and came to the door to meet this grieving mama- 
who returned from boot camp and brought a copy of his
 boot camp memory book 
the extended warmth and sunshine this fall
 backyard prayer
grace for each day
my farmers family that shows how to live out this grace each day
 my family and their unending love and support- and laughter

My cousin posted this picture for me

Thank you to all for serving. 
We owe you a debt of gratitude. 

John 15:3
Greater love has no one than this:
 to lay down one's life for one's friends.

Here is a video clip of Marines singing, 
"Days of Elijah"

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