Saturday, November 7, 2015

Through the Ages Day #7 of Thankfulness

It's my friends birthday today. 
One I see about twice a year. 
Lately one of those times each year has been a wake or funeral. 
She came to our wedding. 

She came to Elijah's funeral. 
I have known her since I was three. 
There were three of us. 
Always together. 

She is so faithful in writing and sending cards. 
My dad nick named her when we were little. 
He loved her curls and quiet ways. 
So different from his little girl.
We used to play every day as kids. 
We celebrated birthdays each year. 
She tagged along on our family holiday sing alongs. 
Gathered with us for family reunions. 
Our lives interwoven in the strongest of tapestries.
She had a little hide away nook under the stairs in her cellar. 
(that's what we called them. . . cellars)
Oh how fun it was. 
Sleeping over at her house was a treat. 
She had 3 older sisters- who I adored and admired. 
(still do)
I had none. 
We slept on the pull out couch and watched cartoons all morning!
This was not allowed at our house. 
We were up early. 
Cleaning; working. 
Preparation I know now for the life I would come to live. 
When we were 16, her wonderful daddy journeyed to meet Jesus. 
He had that C word that folks rarely talked about. 
Her mom already having battled the C word, only to have it return later in life.
Those days were hard as her family continued on. 
Learning to live with out this precious man. 
Yet they honored and remembered his memory. 
A witness of strength and close knit family. 
She faithfully stood by me as my mom battled the C word. 
Coming to visit.
Meeting for coffee. 
Letting me cry. 
She never flinched. 
She held my hand. 
And let the tears flow with me. 
I am celebrating this sweet childhood friend today. 
Even though I won't see her. 
Her quiet ways. 
Her beautiful smile that reaches her eyes. 

Happy Birthday my friend. 

Thank you for showing me and teaching me about friendship. 

I am thankful for:

Friendships that last through decades
my mom who taught me the value of friendship
memories of laughter and fun
a childhood that still makes me smile
the imaginations we had as kids; oh how we played
endless summer nights playing kick the can, chase. . . and others
winter vacations that would last a life time;
 sledding at the hill, skating on Jones' pond
living in a neighborhood that spanned the generations
marrying into a family where the generations lived close by
friends who keep in touch and make the effort
the gift of technology so keeping in touch is easier
the Art of letter writing and card sending;
 I still thrill at the sight of a letter from my friend
the friends who have walked the joyous and mundane parts of my life
the friends that have also held me through the darkest times in my life-
they are the heartbeat of life

John 15:13
Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.

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  1. Tammy, That is a beautiful post about your friendship with Sue. It is nice to have good friends like you, Thanx and much love Tracy