Wednesday, July 2, 2014

There Is Always Choice

The slide show plays. 
Each picture a memory of the week gone by. 
The gospel shared. 
Summer Bible Camp. 
Not Vacation Bible School anymore. 
Somehow "school" has a negative connotation. 
Kids in other countries look for sponsors and live to go to school. 
But here in America school brings negative thoughts. 
But that is another post. 
The slide show plays. 
I have not helped at all this week. 
There were so many pieces to the week, there was no way I could be there. 
I watch each picture. 
The sadness descends like an unwelcome visitor. 

Years of VBS. 
Weeks of time spent with kids flash through my mind.
Each year I feel exhausted heading into the week.. 
I have nothing left to give. But I do and I am blessed. 
God meets me in the midst of the chaos each time. 
Loading 5 kids in the car and getting there on time; such a struggle.
So worth the time.
And now another year has finished.
The slide show ends.
I sit.
These are the hard times. 
The memories are relentless.
The life of your child before you.
The course of events not the ones you choose.
And it's the choice. 
You can sit down and let it all consume you.
Or you can step into the path God has ordained for you.
It's a choice. 
The path before you.
You can listen to all the voices of this world.
You can buy into all the lies that will try to bring you joy.
Or you can rise up in the strength of the Lord.
Shake off all that binds you.
Seek the joy that is offered.
There is forgiveness.
Each day I choose.
I wake up.
The reminder that Elijah is gone slams me time and time again.
But I stop.
I rejoice in the day that the Lord has made.
There is a purpose.
I quiet the voices that try to tell me otherwise.
We are the hands and feet of Christ.
There is work to be done.
We each were created.
By the Master.
Fiercely loved.
Bought with a price.
Elijah's death points to Christ.
There is a purpose.
There is a choice. 
We are to be changed as Elijah was changed in a moment.
In an instant.
We can love more.
We can stand for truth.
Seek holiness.
Make a difference in this world.
One day soon, we will all be reunited.

2 Timothy 1:7
For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, 
love and self-discipline.

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