Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Useless Day

I have been useless. Sick in bed. 
This does not usually happen. 

We are mom's, we continue on, no matter how hard. 
There was no way. I was too weak and shaky to get out of bed. 
I was consumed with guilt. 
We have guests. 
This is my gift. This is what I love. 
But between the heat, 8 kids, including a 2 year old. 
I don't have it anymore. 
Nope. That boundless energy is gone. 
The desire. 
Once I could go and go. 
Making feasts and homemade goodies. 
It is one step at a time. 
Now the sweet 11 year old is ill as well. 
Zapped from the heat. 
The schedule. 
Another night with no sleep.
For me. . . for her.

A reminder to take it slow.

Psalm 62:5
Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.

Remembering to withdraw to the quiet places. 
Living the example set before us. 
Even in the midst of the chaos. 
What does rest look like? 
How can we quiet the barking voices. 
Calm the urges for all to be perfect? 
It's only by stepping into rest. 
Breathing deep and remembering to be still. 
So. I am being still. 
Forced to rest. 
I am quieting my spirit and resting in the One who longs to give the peace. 
Remembering that my uselessness can be usefulness when in the right hands. 

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