Sunday, July 27, 2014

His Chains Are Gone. . .. He's Been Set Free

His chains are gone. He's been set free. 
All he knows is peace and more peace. 

It is we, who are left behind that need the prayers. 
We walk the hard road. 

We have walked the year to a different beat. 
Longing for a familiar cadence. 

Not to be. 
Walking the road of grief; blindsided by cancer. 
Uplifted by grace of a community. 
Reminders continually of the strength we need to persevere. 
The unthinkable has happened. 
It has been a year of firsts. 
A year with out my mom a year with out my son. 
A year with cancer. 
I can't imagine a future without Elijah. 
So I will take one day at a time. 
We will continue to embrace with gratitude, each moment. 
We will revel in the small things. 
We will share the message of hope with all who will listen. 
My journey is not over. 
Though days I long for it to be
I will seek the work still needed to be done. 
Will you make a difference in this world? 
Will a corner be different because you cared? 
If maybe for a moment you stopped;
turned, and gave. 
What a difference we could make. 
It doesn't take a lot. 
It takes a little of us all working together to make a lot of difference. 
We can change the world by offering one nice comment. 
Extending grace. 
One act of kindness a day. 
Elijah's life ended abruptly. 
The course of events changed forever. 
My hopes and dreams shattered. 
My soul weary from grief. 
Through it all one thing has remained. 
We knew where he was going. 
We have a sweet assurance. 
The journey to the cross difficult and riddled with pain. 
But it is the way. 
There is hope.
There is solid ground. 
I will praise my Savior; each and every moment. 

Psalm 43:5
Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? 
Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, 
my Savior and my God.

As we sat in the waiting room before the funeral. 
We sang Amazing Grace
I missed my mom. 
I longed for my boy. 
Thank you all for walking this journey with our family. 
For loving our children. 
For being the hands and feet of Jesus. 
This song has ministered to my heart this year along with many others. 
I have been set free. 
My sinful soul is covered by His amazing grace. 
May you all know that grace. 
That unconditional love. 

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