Monday, July 28, 2014

You Can Still Press On

When your parents dog, father's sister (your god mother),  parents best friend and mother have all died within  10 days and the memory thief has knocked on your father's door. . . and he needs you to get through . . .  you can still press on.

When you beg God to take your mother because the ravages of cancer have left her lifeless and emaciated, he won't. . . .you can still press on.

You can sit in your yard and hold your daughter's beloved dog that has just been hit by a car and beg for him to live, and he won't.  He will die in your arms and you will not shed a tear. You can toss your cookies and go and be strong for your daughter. You will press on.

2 weeks later you can be awakened at 2 a.m. in your pajama's and stare at  police officers as they tell you there has been an accident. And your beloved red head didn't survive.

You will not shed a tear. You will press on. You figure out how to help your farmer because there is no power and the red head was supposed to help with milking. So you need to wake the blonde and tell him we need help and that his beloved older brother now sings with the Angels. In Jesus' name, you will press on.

You will climb those 16 steps to wake that beautiful daughter and tell her that losing her puppy is nothing to what you are about to share. You will press on.

I have learned that a Community has no boundaries, nationality or prejudices.

Grace given time and time again, unmerited; undeserved.

I will drive the newest car I have ever had. And each time I get into it I am grateful, angry and sad all at the same time. I will press on.

I have cried more tears than I thought possible when I am alone and when I am in church.  I have wailed. Deep,  guttural wails. . . I can't stop. The grief piercing.

There is a cat that visits me at the graveyard. It's not creepy. And he's not all black. He doesn't seem to mind my tears or my cries. He sits patiently; by my side.

I have learned when the doctor calls and says it's cancer you will shed no tears. You will find that grief and cancer can be lived through. You will press on.

I have learned that a walk to the cross and digging deep into the Ancient Word each day is the only way. My knees bent low; my heart surrendered. I can press on.

Front porch visits have turned into front porch prayers. There is a harvest of righteousness being poured out. We will press on.

We have lost fellowship with some friends. It is too much for them. I understand. Yet, I don't. We will still press on.

A marriage is built on trusting, giving, sacrificing, loving and prayer. Together, In Jesus' Name,  we
press on.

We will press on no matter what comes our way. We will lean into all that God has to give.

Each step, a choice made. 

We will live with our hands wide open to receive all He has to give. When life is hard and the road riddled with hurdle after hurdle, we can grow weary.

 It is through the power of the holy spirit that we gain our strength. It is in letting go that we receive. We will press on.

I pray that you take a moment to listen to this song. 
May it minister to you as it has to me. 
In Jesus' name . . . we will Press On. 

Thank you for liking our Davis Farm Face Book Page. Thank you for reading our blog. Thank you for praying for us. Make God guide our footsteps as this life continues on. Thank you you all for your support.

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