Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Anchor Holds

The day dawned. 
I stood on the porch; not wanting to be awake. 
Odd for me.

The sun rose to meet me. 
Much like a year ago. 

The same sky. 
The same God.
The world just a little older. 
The vastness of the Universe running through my mind. 

How Great is our God. 
Sing with me how great is our God. 

It's not because of what He's done, but because of who He is. 
I can not fathom the why. 
I need to live in the, "what now".
There is a life time of living still to be done. 
Though its step are painful and the ache deep. 
I stood on that porch; redone since that last year. 
Not needing to dodge the precarious soft boards. 
No threat of falling through. 
A gift given. 
The beat of the day off a bit. 
I head to a friends to let the girls swim. 

Their laughter echoed in that place. 
Reminding me of hope. 
Later  family gathered around the table.
The rains came.
We were cozy inside.  
There was laughter and smiles. 
His friends came later. 
There was laughter. 
They sat and visited. 
Catching up on the year. 
They've been in college. 
They wanted to light lanterns. 
It was raining. 
A change in plans.
It all felt comfortable. 
My soul at peace. 
My heart longs for success for each one. 
Much joy. 
Deep faith. 

Hebrews 16:19
We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. 
It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain,

The anchor holds. 
As the storm continues to rage we will stay strong. 
We are reaching for hope. 
Our souls are at peace. 
But the Anchor holds. 
As you are tossed about this sea of life,
 May you know the security of the Anchor holding fast. 

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