Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Do You Know Where You're Headed?

He had less than a week left. Less than a week to live.

Oh how I miss him.
How I long to talk to him; to hear his deep, rich voice.
What about you:  if you had less than a week left?
Do you know you're loved?
Beyond anything you could ask or imagine. 
Do you live with purpose and passion? 
Or has something stolen that passion?
He was passionate. 
He lived life. He grabbed hold of each event with gusto.

He lived with an abandon that teenagers live. 
Never thinking he had a date with eternity in a week. 
He was making plans. 
Looking to the future. 
Hopes, dreams. 
Do you dream and plan? 
How is your life lived? 
When you wake in the morning do you think about others?
How can you be a blessing?
How can you make a difference today?
We're all headed to the grave.
Each moment edging closer.
Does this fill you with fear?
Or leave you with a sweet joy that no one can take away?
I know where I am going. 
I long for that day.
Even through unspeakable tragedy and loss, I have joy.
I can Praise the One who sustains life.
I know where my son is.
My journeys end; there too.
My life has purpose. 
The surrender holy.
Elijah had no idea he was in his last days.

He was young and implusive.
Yet, the weight of the world often fell on his shoulders.
He pondered heavily the issues of this land.
Often not being able to reconcile his feelings.
The days are numbered.
Each day a step toward eternity.
Does each step count?
Will your life be counted in the Lambs book of Life?
We've been bought with a price.
The price of a life.
A sacrifice; so we might live.
A gift.
Yet given.
Elijah embraced that gift. 
He wasn't perfect.
None of us are.
I know where he is.
And I am headed there too.

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