Saturday, May 17, 2014

When You Need To Refocus

A new beginning. 
Another Bridal Shower. 
Such hope and sweetness on the horizon. 
The planning and fun of a party. 
Fellowship and food.
Women gathering to bless each other.
A warm, sunny afternoon.
Leisurely strolls through the meadow. 
Deep breathes of fresh air and peace. 
But it's raining. 

I want it to be sunny.
But it's not.
I think we might have to be inside.
But that's ok.
We'll go with the flow.
It's so much easier to yield to the circumstances.
When we resist, there's strife.

Isaiah 55:9
"As the heavens are higher than the earth,
 so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

There's a plan. 
There always is. 
It's better to go with it, than fight. 
The radiance from the bride will be so bright it won't matter if it's indoor's or out. 

Such a beautiful image of our Savior. 
When we focus on Him; the brilliance will over shadow any other thing.
May your focus be on all that is brilliant today. 


  1. Christi graduates from High School today! It's sunny here, though chilly, as it even snowed enough yesterday to cover everything! One day at a moment at a time. Praising God for positive outlooks...thank you for helping to start the day out right!

    1. It is one moment at a time. Always in grace. Blessings on the graduation. Such a glorious time.

  2. It will work out.... the hard part is dealing with the idea that she is one of that group of little girls who used to be the ones "helping" by bringing gifts to the bride to unwrap and really having to work hard to not jump in and unwrap them themselves. But those brides will have been married 20-22 years by now. Circles, circles, circles... lots of love in this church family carrying us all along. And maybe the sun will pop out and we'll all mosey outside for a bit.

    1. It did work out! Didn't it? Such a beautiful day. Loved having Sarah play. . . so much. ..