Monday, May 26, 2014

Never Forget; Remember

It's been a year. A since the waters rose. Since the rains came and destruction ensued. It's been a year since a sweet young teacher was stranded and sought solace in our home. Where 2 teen age boys lived. And were thrilled to be in her presence. It's been a year since the break of day brought the sights of the force of rushing water.
A year since we were hemmed in and ran out of toilet paper. A year since our friends were here for a month, celebrating all that spring recitals, High School graduation and concerts had to offer.

A year.

The road is repaired. More river spills that year washed out additional roads. Rain fell continually from the sky. Great torrents. Ruining pastures and feed needed for the winter.

It's been a year since the sun shown down brightly and we marched to the grave to say thank you for those who served. Since we anticipated our son's entrance into the USMC.  A year since the red head marched in his last Memorial Day parade.

Time passed and the red headed boy took his last drive and met the King of Kings on a clear summer evening. His dream of serving this country swiftly ended. Our lives changed forever. And longing settles in. Never to be filled. Yet he now serves in the mightiest Corps there ever was. He had a higher Calling.

His patriotism evident. The respect for his life choices apparent. Flags placed. He would have made an amazing marine. His duty to God and country fierce. A desire to physically be at his best first and foremost.

Today we honor those who died in service to this country. We thank God for their dedication to ensure the freedoms that we have today. Even the freedom to disagree with what I am writing. Or what anyone writes or says. Without fear of any recompense.

We will spend the day at the parade; and  a ceremony dedicated to remembering. We will walk through the graveyard. Awed once again by the sheer number that have served, marked by the grace of the American Flag. We will walk by our son's grave. Not able to "officially" sport a flag.Yet knowing the heart he had; the love he had for God and country.

God had other plans for him. Our path left on this earth to carry on with out him. But the memory will linger. He will remain in our hearts. We will be grateful.

God speaks often about Memorials. He doesn't want us to forget. He wants us to remember. Remember well the sacrifice made by One for all.

Exodus 4:12
“This day shall be for you a memorial day, and you shall keep it as a feast to the Lord; throughout your generations, as a statute forever, you shall keep it as a feast.

We need to remember. We need to feast. We need community. We need Christ.

Remember and do not forget.

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